Spring Is Just Around The Corner Here In Ozland

It’s now time to gird our loins and decide which part of our errant garden to tackle first

Maria Rattray
3 min readAug 9, 2022


Flowers in the grass against a blue and yellow sky
Photo by Radek Kilijanek on Unsplash

This morning I wrote the title and sub-title above, and then I stopped.

I stopped because I felt a sudden disconnect between what I have been visualizing for my garden, and what I can physically do.

Ours is a garden with promise, but there’s so much to fix.

Are we up for it?

The last time I hauled bricks and railways sleepers around the garden I was some 30 years younger. It was a game. We were fit and able to follow through with our ideas, bleak as the garden was, a garden that had been professionally established and left to run amok.

You would have been hard-pressed to find a self-respecting earthworm anywhere in that quarter acre block.

As we worked in the garden over the next two years we discovered beautiful garden beds we had no idea were there.

Who does that?

Who pours good money into establishing a garden then allows it to become overgrown?

Anyway, it’s a different time, different era now, and though we can still dream and imagine, it’s the hefting that we will have to do here, to get rid of the gardening atrocities we have inherited, and give it life, that has us wondering…and doubting…and maybe just regretting!

We’re dealing with mountains and mountains of rocks and pebbles, with thick, black plastic underneath, all covering beautiful black soil the likes of which I have never seen.

As for the life within and deep in that subsoil, I can only imagine a world of tormented creatures gasping for air.

Ours is a veritable testament to the former gardener’s environmental ignorance.

Anyone who has even the tiniest notion of the wealth of nutrients and microorganisms in soil will know that not only does it provide the ideal environment for things to grow and flourish, but it’s good for our health too.

Today was a shade warmer, and less wet than it’s been, so I put on as much of my big-girl bravery as I could muster and got into…



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