Prices Continue To Surge. Hip Pockets Are Biting And The Second-Hand Platforms Now Rule

Second-Hand Shopping Is truly In vogue. Who would have thought?

Maria Rattray


A woman in a second-hand clothes market
Photo by Y K on Unsplash

Who would have thought?

Who would have thought that middle-class people would be almost furtively embracing op shopping in order to cut corners?

Some are also selling off pieces of furniture.

As well as their personal clothes.

Looking in all which ways to economize.

It’s happening

Mothers with children are wheeling and dealing in op shops, buying things like bed linen, clothes, shoes, and small goods, infiltrating shops they would at one time not even have considered, trying to stretch their dollars, many doing so because they are scared stiff of the future.

This is the new economy, the new reality in Australia.

In the housing boom

In recent times lots of middle-class people invested in larger homes.

People with less to spend squeezed through into the market, buying ‘something’, grateful to have a roof above their heads, as landlords sold in the real estate boom, in order to free up cash.



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