Introducing An Exciting New Platform On Medium…Time To Shine

Listen up, ladies! Diamonds are not your best friend! Your best friends are BOOMERANGS, and you’ll meet many of them here!

Maria Rattray


BOOMERANGS! Well that’s a great name for a new writing platform, one that I, as an Aussie, had in mind for that day when I…

Only joking, of course! But isn’t it a great name nonetheless!

You know what they say about BOOMERANGS! Give them the right energy, a force to be reckoned with, and they’ll come back every time.

That’s because they have the perfect shape.

In which case, it’s an even better name for a new publication…Boomerangs. It’s clear that this owner is intent on having writers, and readers, who come again, and again, write, or read, or, read AND write, (which is preferable), making hers a perfect platform.

I hope so, because this new publication is one to look out for. It’s also one for you to be part of if you want to be like the owner:

‘…self-empowered, red wine & coffee lovin’, personal growth fanatic behind this article.’

And if, as a writer, you’ve stopped shrinking into places that you have outgrown, and you’re a fan of straight talk and practical solutions, you might be able to Empower, Educate and Entertain’

So…do you want to:

  • empower?
  • educate?
  • entertain?

Good! So now’s your chance. Take the bull by the horns, and go for it.

This morning I met her for the very first time, my new best friend. Actually I just stumbled on one of her articles, which led me to another, which led me to…you catch my drift!

She made me cry! That’s right. Cry! Not something I do often, but you know, when your read someone work and it rips the scabs from your tightly-bound-up wounds, it hurts quite a lot.

It hurts, yet it’s like a healing balm.

The thing is we tend to sequester experiences that have caused us pain, and though someone else’s pain is not necessarily ours, often it’s enough to peel back the layers of our own, and…



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