The Spirit Of Music Lives On

How music can positively influence sufferers of dementia…

Maria Rattray


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Dementia is an insidious disease, sometimes striking people when they are relatively young, but mostly the elderly, affected short-term recall, being one of the first signals that all is not well.

Enjoying long-term recall is a bonus that allows sufferers to be involved in life, to walk down Memory Lane, share life experiences, dance, sing, clap in time with music, develop friendships, and be involved in many everyday activities, at least for a while.

But imagine if it could be even better. Imagine if pure chance were to catapult you into fame, yes, even with dementia.

Though it was not intentional, it did happen, when a carer in a Scottish nursing home was captivated by the mellifluous tones of a singer he’d never met.

So good was her voice that he was certain it was coming from a radio.

But then, he was informed that the voice was that of a resident with dementia.

Suddenly he couldn’t wait to meet her, which he did, and over time together, they shared some singing.

Eventually, they also sang as a duo at the residents’ Christmas party.

Overnight, the two unwittingly became a singing sensation.

When 31-year-old carer Jamie Lee Morley first heard aged care resident Margaret Mackie sing, he automatically assumed that the beautiful voice he heard was coming from a nearby radio.

‘While it is certainly not uncommon for aged care staff and residents to develop strong bonds, nobody at the Northcare Suites Care Home in Glasgow, Scotland, could have imagined what would happen next.

The pair were recently thrust into the public spotlight as heartwarming footage of the young carer and the 83-year-old resident performing Frank Sinatra’s ‘My Way’ at the nursing home Christmas party., which became a viral internet sensation.’

Imagine, at 83 years young



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