Hey Amy — where have you been? I keep looking out for you.Thanks so much for your appropriate response. You and I are from very different eras , and cultures, yet you seem to have had much the same freedom as I had. When my daughter Kaela was little she was always outside. But so too were her friends.

I think too many people keep their kids inside because of the darned sun. Poor sun gets blamed for everything. The comment below appeared in someone’s article the other day. I personally believe skin cancer has nothing to do with the sun. Let me know what you think, and thanks again for commenting. It means so much to me.Lovely to touch base again.

A terrific article. Here are more facts you should know about sun exposure:
Worldwide, the use of sunscreen increases each year, and the risk of melanoma increases in lockstep. In addition, each year we get less sun exposure due to indoor lifestyles, and the risk of melanoma rises again. Why can we not learn that sun deprivation is the problem, not sun exposure, which is vital to human health? Here are some additional insights into the health benefits of sun exposure:
•75% of all melanomas occur on areas of the body that are seldom or never exposed to the sun.
•Women who actively seek the sun have half the risk of death of those who avoid the sun.
•A Spanish study shows that women who seek the sun have one-eleventh the hip-fracture risk as those who avoid sun.
•Men who work outdoors have half the risk of melanoma as those who work indoors.
•Women who avoid the sun have 10-times the risk of breast cancer as those who embrace the sun.
•Women who sunbathe regularly have half the risk of death during a 20-year period compared to those who stay indoors.
•Sun exposure increases nitric oxide production, which leads to a decrease in heart disease risk.
•Sun exposure dramatically improves mood through the production of serotonin and endorphin.
•Sun exposure increases the production of BDNF, essential to a properly functioning nervous system.
For more information: sunlightinstitute.org

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