‘Do Unto Others,’ He Said

Yet all walked by, eyes cast down, afraid to get too close, as they walked obediently to steep themselves in prayer

Maria Rattray
3 min readSep 5, 2022
Homeless and needing your help
Photo by Steve Knutson on Unsplash

This will be a short story, just an extra opportunity to share this challenging story by Carol Burt.

It’s about homelessness.

It’s about caring.

It’s about judging.

It’s also about NOT judging.

It’s inspirational in that you will NEVER, if you have a conscience, judge another homeless person again.


The story touches a nerve because..

Right now, many in this world are suffering… cost of living increases, mortgage rate rises, HUGE rental increases, gas and electricity hikes, so that it’s difficult to make ends meet.

And certainly here in Australia, there’s a level of homelessness that in all my life, I have not witnessed.

There are homeless people who have always been renters, (through no fault of their own,) now out on the street, with their families because they could not meet a 30% rental hike.

These are everyday people, like you and me, who never in a month of Sundays would have seen themselves as…



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