Can I Do Ten Quick Answers To Ten Questions? Sure Can!

I’ll try not to be boring…

Maria Rattray


A photo of me taking a photo of a mirror to see if my daughter might want it!
Just me…in my bedroom, about to answer ten quick questions

Alright Linda Ng in response to your challenge, and because I am super-tired today (because I didn’t sleep last night), I’m up for it.

1.Favorite drink?

Now that depends on the time of the day. The first coffee beats anything else in the morning (I have a you-beaut machine!).

But if it’s after editing lots of work, it would be the glass of shiraz at dinner time, so allowing me to let the world go by.

2. Favorite color

For years, when in denial of those little head sparkles that started in my twenties, and I succumbed to expensive coloring, pastels were my favorite.

But then, during Covid, I used no coloring, and transitioned to the splendid white you see in the above image.

So now, I love dark reds, and black (which I could never wear before!).

3. If you won the lottery, what are the top 3 things you would do first?

I have three people on Medium I have written about before, all homeless. I would find each of them a small house (has to be small because there are others I’d like to help!).

I would surprise my daughter by paying off her mortgage.

I would fly over to Scotland with Alistair, my husband, to visit my sister and other family members.

4. Favourite cuisine?

I don’t have a favorite cuisine, but I have a favorite dish which everyone should eat before they die. It is so incredibly scrumptious. I’m also happy to share it if anyone is interested.

Warning: It takes a while to prepare…but then, you have lots of individual dinners you can freeze.

5. Would you give up social media or your cell phone 📱 forever?

Social media…nuff said.

6. One thing you’re really good at?

I have, for many years, written poetry for friends and different social occasions.

I love writing poetry, and my husband loves and admires my work, but I have never had a Top Writer In Poetry Award on Medium. So maybe I am not so good.



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