An Acrostic Poem

A three-for-one response…

Maria Rattray


Today Agnes Laurens issued a challenge to write an acrostic poem using your name. The last time she issued such a challenge, it was to do with offering a word, and its meaning, peculiar to one’s culture. I could have written a book on some of mine, and yet, I failed to follow through, so this time I felt duly challenged to complete one.

Then today I read another poetry challenge by Orla Kenny, so being a thrifty Scot, I decided to combine the two.

But I’d only just finished reading these amazing stories on random acts of kindness, so two became three!

Make some part of your day

A n act of kindness

Response. You have no

Idea how far

And wide your caring will spread.

Reach out to those who

Are less fortunate than you,

The beggar on the street,

The bus passenger who is old and frail, and needs your steady hand.

Rest assured the day will come when you too will need

Assistance, and who knows?

You may be able to draw from your bank of human kindness acts.



Maria Rattray

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