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Set up your Most Popular Stories and a Story-wide topic index

Maria Rattray
6 min readMay 3, 2022


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Facing a characterless, chronological list of my articles when I click on “Stories”, has spurred me to formulate and implement a layer of structure over this lifeless list.

Organizing my articles into separately identifiable categories or topics, that are relatively easy to maintain, has been a huge boon to my productivity and reader presentation.

Task 1

I initially approached this task from a desire to create a collection of My Most Popular Stories, and pinning (a link to) this collection at the top of my profile page. However, as the collection would vary over time (I limited it to the top 10), it needed to be easily kept up-to-date.

Task 2

Having completed that task, I was then keen to expand the concept, and develop a set of collections, each collection entry representing Stories pertaining to a given category or topic. I then pinned (a link to) this set at position 2 of my profile page. Again, this set needed to be easily updated.


One aspect of the rationale for setting these up, is to make it reasonably simple for visitors to explore, peruse and locate articles relevant to their interests.

However, the facility also makes it easier for me to locate and reference relevant Stories, when I am creating new Stories on a given topic.

This article separately walks through the steps needed to implement Task 1. The basic building block is the use of Medium LISTS, and the descriptions here highlight some tips and tricks that will smooth out the journey.

It’s not complicated!

N.B. This article walks through setting up Task 1, and is a precursor to tackling Task 2 — see below.

Task 1 — My Most



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