A Dr. Seuss Style Poem To Welcome A Newborn

Celebrating the birth of a friend’s little boy…

Photo by Catherine Hammond on Unsplash

The inspiration comes from the poem, ‘Oh, the Places Youll Go!’ It’s all about seizing opportunity, and being open to adventure.

Dearest William,


Today is your day,

You’ve landed on earth

And now you must stay.

Today‘s your ‘birth’ day!

And you’re perfect, we think.

But we know that the years

Will fly by in a blink.

So from feasting on milk,

Over which you now drool,

Soon you’ll be shopping

For clothes fit for school!

Oh the things there you’ll do,

Oh the people you’ll see,

The teachers you’ll have,

And the student you’ll be.

The friends that you’ll make,

Oh you’ll like them, I know.

Some good at running

But some might be slow.

Some will count things

Right up in their head,

But others will see that

As something to dread.

But some friends…dare I say it?

Will get you in schtook.

Best you avoid them.

Instead? Read a book.

Why read a book you ask?

Why ever not?

Books are so good.

Gosh you’ll like them a lot!

Books take you to places

So crazily far,

To Mars or to Venus,

Or even a star.

Away from your country

Right up into space,

Without ever leaving

Your very own place.

NOW, if ever your parents

Are angry with you.

Books are a way

To not feeling blue.

What more can I say

Of why books are the best?

Well. they’ll make you so clever

When taking a test.

You won’t lag behind,

Because you have been reading,

And reading, and reading,

And so you will be leading.

So be your name Buxbrum,

Or Begby, Or Cinch

Or Mordecai Ali Van Allen

Or Lynch,

If you read all those books

As I’m saying you should.

You’ll be flying real high,

Now won’t that be good!

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