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Maria Rattray

No better time to promote, than right now…

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A few years ago my husband and I spent some time living in Penang, Malaysia. There I met the most beautiful man, who to this day is a very close friend. We share similar concerns about the environment, about materialism, and the…

And through that, being born again…

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There’s no interview. The position is challenging and fierce. It comes with no salary. It leaves you absolutely exhausted every day, deprives you of sleep, and the free time you once enjoyed, but you wouldn’t trade it even for free access to the biggest bank in the world.

Welcome to…

Celebrating the birth of a friend’s little boy…

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The inspiration comes from the poem, ‘Oh, the Places Youll Go!’ It’s all about seizing opportunity, and being open to adventure.

Dearest William,


Today is your day,

You’ve landed on earth

And now you must stay.

Today‘s your ‘birth’ day!

And you’re perfect, we think.

But we know that…

To look in a mirror and like what they see…

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It was a Friday night. Late opening in our city, a night when it is de rigueur to shop after work, and then enjoy a simple meal out.

My husband needed some business clothes, and we went down to the basement of a large store in the men’s section. It…

You just take it in your stride…or do you? Like any other mother, your life changes trajectory, expands accordingly, and you become a voice

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Unfortunately, being a doctor doesn’t necessarily prepare you for giving birth to a Down syndrome child. ‘I did not know how to teach her or how to maximize her development. The doctors who cared for me, and for Ella, did not know how to help us either. …

Learn how one doctor, Dr. John Langdon Down, inspired hope for all Down Syndrome children

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I’m a little late to the table with this article, given that it is now 18th October, but better late than never, because I hope, in sharing my DS stories, I will create a higher awareness of DS, and promote an acceptance and inclusion, that will auger well for every…

Can the two go together? Do our bodies need REAL food?

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If you are at all concerned about your health, about the foods you consume, about the drivel that is tossed into the arena of what’s great for your body, might I suggest you take a look at Scottish food writer Joanna Blythman?

Joanna’s no slouch. She’s both hated and revered…

You will feel your spirits rise, and your heart glow.

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How often do we witness people who have very little, being the first to step out and, give to others?

Is it because they have suffered themselves? Or is it the heart/mind connection that stirs them to reach out and help, often at their own expense?

A few weeks ago…

This is a condition where painful fat attaches itself mainly to women’s hips and thighs, sometimes arms, often causing severe pain.

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Just for transparency’s sake, this article is not to do with lymphedema, which is explained in this article, and is a very different condition.

Nor is this written as a reference for curing lipedema. That is not my intent, though I have written this article about a friend who managed…

Maria Rattray

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