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Maria Rattray

No better time to promote, than right now…

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A few years ago my husband and I spent some time living in Penang, Malaysia. There I met the most beautiful man, who to this day is a very close friend. We share similar concerns about the environment, about materialism, and the lack of care for the planet. The galloping and frightening pace of change from where we were less than three generations ago, to where we are today, we discussed at great length.

When I first struck up a conversation with him I asked about why the tides around the island…

And through that, being born again…

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There’s no interview. The position is challenging and fierce. It comes with no salary. It leaves you absolutely exhausted every day, deprives you of sleep, and the free time you once enjoyed, but you wouldn’t trade it even for free access to the biggest bank in the world.

Welcome to the World of Motherhood, where love begins and ends. Welcome also to the longest and most fulfilling chapter in your life.

It might be physically impossible to count the ways a mother expresses her love. Where loving warmth meets a teachable moment, that’s where you’ll find a mother, confidently wielding…

Celebrating the birth of a friend’s little boy…

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The inspiration comes from the poem, ‘Oh, the Places Youll Go!’ It’s all about seizing opportunity, and being open to adventure.

Dearest William,


Today is your day,

You’ve landed on earth

And now you must stay.

Today‘s your ‘birth’ day!

And you’re perfect, we think.

But we know that the years

Will fly by in a blink.

So from feasting on milk,

Over which you now drool,

Soon you’ll be shopping

For clothes fit for school!

Oh the things there you’ll do,

Oh the people you’ll see,

The teachers you’ll have,

And the student you’ll be.

The friends that…

To look in a mirror and like what they see…

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It was a Friday night. Late opening in our city, a night when it is de rigueur to shop after work, and then enjoy a simple meal out.

My husband needed some business clothes, and we went down to the basement of a large store in the men’s section. It was a store where he always found clothes that he liked, so we spent a fair bit of time looking. Our daughter, quite young at the time, perhaps three or four, was with us.

She was always a good little girl, well-behaved, and patient for the most part.

We duly…

Though events in life might seem accidental, how we react to them can be the determining factor between their being a success, or failure.

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Serendipity is: the fact of finding interesting or valuable things by chance.

Serendipity occurs when you are not in the market for something, or not expecting it, but when it shows up anyway, and if actioned, can prove to be profoundly fortuitous.

Or it can happen when you actually ARE looking for something, but you. ‘find something else, and realize that what you’ve found is more suited to your needs than what you thought you were looking for.

Do you ever wonder why some people seem to be particularly lucky?

Whilst others bemoan their bad fortune.

But are some really…

Something in the way she moos…attracts him like no udder lover… ♫ ♬♩

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What exactly is love?

There’s no right or wrong answer here because we are all largely shaped by things like our upbringing, and our experiences, and how love was modeled to us.

So love means so many things to different people, and when it occurs between just two people, it happens over time, and not in the moment, time when souls connect and hearts beat as one.

Love is a natural response where gradually we reach in with others and find the ways we connect, ways where we can see our differences as strengths that enable us to build dreams…

Then practice the subtle, but effective art of compression.

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I’ve been writing on Medium for a little over a year now. It’s not always been a success story, though gradually I am working out what readers might, or may not be interested in.

Today I’d like to be writing a secret-sauce recipe, a tried-and tested outline for an article, your article, to at least get huge readership, and with any luck go viral!

Oh dear! Would that it were that easy!

I’ve never written a viral one.

I don’t have the magic wand, or sauce, for such,. Sorry about that.

But what I can do, is help you to…

But with bravery and intent, it is possible to forge goodness, renewal, and beauty from the ashes of our grief. Learn how two distraught women forged friendship through loss.

Photo by Micah Williams on Unsplash

When a catastrophe occurs, we tend to be stunned in the moment.

But then somehow, we respond, doing everything in our power to help, and demonstrating the best version of ourselves.

Response to catastrophic events brings out the best of human elements, kindness and willingness to go beyond ourselves, to do, and keep doing whatever is necessary to help.

We step out in the moment.

We work together, and we behave with dignity and a courage we didn’t know we had.

We give like there’s no tomorrow.

We listen, and respond.

Life is precious. Life is short. …

Imagine…life behind bars with no hope of ever being given parole…

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There’s a universal fascination around prisons and a less-than-subtle horror at the idea of ever being incarcerated in one. For most of us, fortunately, our understandings of how things might be within a prison wall, are fashioned by the books we read, or the news of the day, and not by actual prison experience.

And yet, we are all but one step away from imprisonment.

If you’ve ever driven home drunk, and been lucky enough not to mow down and kill a fellow citizen, you were only a happenstance away from imprisonment.

If you’ve quietly indulged in drugs, and then…

Maria Rattray

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