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Try creatively twisting them instead. Go on! Make yourself unforgettable in your afterlife. She did it. You can too.

two people holding hands in death
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If there is one thing that can divide a group of people, I believe it is religion.

Having grown up in Scotland, I can now see that the Protestant and Catholic religions were divisive, though as a child I had no real appreciation of this, and that’s because there was no talk about that at home. Things were just as they were.

As Catholics we went to…

Bravery Is doing something that the average human just wouldn’t do…risking life and limb to save the life of another…and yet another, until everyone is safe…putting aside difference for a better cause

Murrumbidgee River flood
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This is a story that goes back 165 years.

It’s the story of a young Aboriginal boy called Yarri.

It’s a story that tells us much about the spirit of Aboriginal people, despite their treatment by the white man.

It happened in Gundagai

Imagine a small regional town where this young man Yarri lived…

Stuff it in your bag? Have a chuckle and leave it on the table? Or what? Imagine he was the real deal Michelangelo. What do you do now? Butterfly effect in action?

Artist Michelangelo
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Imagine that!

Imagine it happened many years ago when you and I were but twinkles in our fathers’ eyes.

You wouldn’t have been sitting in a restaurant…though any busy Italian mama might have been dreaming of such a thing, but I hope you get my drift.

Let’s change it instead…

Take inspiration from a group of underwater daddy fish. They’ve got you covered

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Yesterday I sent this letter to Kristen, my sister’s granddaughter, who, in the next few weeks will begin her first professional job as an engineer, in Belfast.

Excitement, as you can imagine, is at fever pitch.

In posting it I received this response from Penny Grubb, an English writer and…

Make every customer happy and they will eat out of your hands. Rinse and repeat.

All about trust
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‘Trust takes years to build, seconds to break and forever to repair.’

Think about that. Forever to repair, is a sobering thought, is it not!

Today I went to Australia Post to return a parcel to Appliances Online, an international company.

We’d been gifted a stick vacuum for Christmas. My…

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